Training & Awareness have been a continual process at

    World Ye Apparels (BD) Ltd ensuring Safe & Healthy

    working environments. In addition to first aid, safety and

    health training, we provide special emphasis on Fire safety providing

▶ Approved fire safety plan, fire fighting, rescue & first aid training

▶ Fire alarm control panel

▶ Qualified fire safety officer

▶ Proper aisles mark with emergency fog light and exit signs

▶ Fire drill & emergency preparedness

▶ Fire fighting equipments in all sections with fire pump with gen-set backup. Fire hydrant system connected with fire pump

Underground water reservoir with 45,812.72 Gallon capacity only for fire & emergency preparedness

Fire safety awareness signage

Electric safety assessment by 3rd party

Professional qualified electrician to check all electric safety


    World Ye Apparels (BD) Ltd, is committed to conducting

    its business in the highest ethical and moral manner and

    with total regard to human and legal requirements. To achieve

    this end, we carryout our business based on the following principles.

    ▶ Policies

    ▶ Documentation

    ▶ Approvals & certification

    ▶ Compliance with laws and workplace regulations

    ▶ No child labour

    ▶ No prison / forced labour

    ▶ Freedom of association and collective bargaining

    ▶ Health and safety

    ▶ Environmental safekeeping

    ▶ Compensation and benefits

    ▶ Working hours as per BEPZA rule

    ▶ Non-discrimination

    ▶ No harassment or abuse

    ▶ Disciplinary action as per BEPZA rule

    ▶ Customs compliance

    ▶ Security